Tile Removal

CRS will remove your tiles in all areas including bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and outdoor areas. Make no mistake; this is a dirty and dusty job and one that as professionals we are well prepared for. We use industrial dust extraction where possible, removing all rubble from the site and completing a full and thorough clean up – sweep, vacuum and dust. CRS are experts is Kitchen and bathroom Stripouts. We will leave your room clean and ready for the next trade. If you are remodeling your home, if retiling because of water leaks, outdated tiles, cracked tiles, changing surfaces or demolition call us to give you a quote and relieve you of this unpleasant and back breaking task.  We generally will complete the job in a day for average areas.  We will remove glue and grout and leave a smooth surface behind ready for resurfacing. :

Concrete Grinding

We use a diamond grinder to shave or plane rough surfaces. Applications include: Leveling of concrete; Adhesive removal; Paint removal; Removal of Bituminous coatings; Epoxy removals; Polishing of concrete. It should be noted that not all grinders operate the same, it is important to choose the right grinder for the job with the right set of diamonds or cutters to accompany the task. A dust free environment is important before resurfacing to have as smooth and clean a surfaces as possible and the diamond grinder does this job. While many companies claim they can do the job, the question is whether they have the resources to undertake it and most importantly can they do the job within the time frame specified and to your satisfaction. Complete Resurfacing Solutions always aims to keep our customers satisfied