Epoxy Coatings

These are stain & dirt resistant, grease and oil resistant, they can be slip resistant, extremely hard wearing, fade resistant and easy to clean. Epoxy has resistance to petrol and acid making it especially useful in workshops and garages. Epoxy provides excellent chemical and waterproof protection against most chemicals, fats, oils, alkalis, and salts. It has a high bond strength and subsequent high resistance to abrasion creating a finish impervious to moisture and waterborne bacteria. This surface can be further enhanced by top coating it with a coloured Epoxy . Other non-slip additive can be used including pumice for a fine finish, or carborundum for a very non-slip surface. Epoxy is a particularly useful coating where hygiene and health requirements are important, such as food preparation, medical, and laboratory premises.

Features & Benefits

  • Chemical resistant
  • Ultra hard wearing
  • Oil and petrol resistant
  • Unlimited colours and effect
  • UV stable
  • Slip resistant finishes

Garage Floors

This is stain & dirt resistant, grease and oil resistant, hard wearing and fade resistant. It is easy clean with. Polyurathane will not yellow like epoxy or scratch like epoxy.

We can supply an unlimited colour range or clear to suit your decor. This product is especially useful for warehouses garages workshops and shop floors. , it is so much easier to clean and is more hygienic than tradtitional garage coatings.

Polyurathane Coatings

The surface can be sealed with either coloured or clear sealers. These are highly penetrative so bond well. The more the sealer penetrates the better bond they have which makes it resistant to oil, grease,chemicals and dust.

We can supply different grades of sealer which are suitable for either domestic or commercial use.

Colour Chart