Safer Cleaning With Water

Complete Resurfacing Solutions use a 3500 PSI pressure cleaner with a turbo head for all its pressure cleaning. This machine is powerful and safe to use on all surfaces. It removes dirt, mould, moss, general stains and can clean surface grease and oil. We can pressure clean walls and roofs, driveways and paths, patios and verandahs. We can make your swimming pool surround look like new again. It’s a cost effective way of getting your home ready for presale or valuations and can add value and beauty. As only water is used it is a safe alternative to chemical cleaning. We advise pressure cleaning surfaces before applying coatings for better bonding.


  • Commercial – Make your business shine. We can clean your shopfronts, workshop floors, storage and bin areas, tiles and grout and most surfaces of in ground grime.
  • Domestic – All your external surfaces can be cleaned of dirt, mould and grease with our high pressure cleaner. We clean walls, driveways, pathways, BBQ areas, pool surrounds, garage floors to make them look new again.