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We can remove old paint from outdoor areas such as driveways, floors, patios, verandahs and pathways. Take …... Read more

We use a diamond grinder to shave or plane rough surfaces. Applications include: Leveling of concrete; Adhesive …... Read more

Where you require a low friction surface to prevent accidents an economical choice is shotblasting. We are …... Read more

Polished Concrete has become a fashionable addition to the flooring market, with many showroom and retail outlets …... Read more

CRS uses a dust-free scarification process utilising steel and carbide cutters for the removal of Failed or …... Read more

Complete Resurfacing Solutions use a 3500 PSI pressure cleaner with a turbo head for all its pressure …... Read more

CRS will remove your tiles in all areas including bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and outdoor areas. Make no …... Read more

Free free to call us today on (08) 9310 5431 or click to be taken to our …... Read more