Floor Preparation

Please see below some of the floor preparation techniques we carry out across a range of projects, for any further information on any of these processes, feel free to call us today on (08) 9310 5431.  

Paint Removal

We can remove old paint from outdoor areas such as driveways, floors, patios, verandahs and pathways. Take off old paving paint prior to resurfacing.

Spilt paint can also be removed. We can use either method of paint removal, grinding or chemically removing, depending on the circumstances.

Concrete Grinding

We use a diamond grinder to shave or plane rough surfaces.

Applications include: Leveling of concrete; Adhesive removal; Paint removal; Removal of Bituminous coatings; Epoxy removals; Polishing of concrete.

It should be noted that not all grinders operate the same, it is important to choose the right grinder for the job with the right set of diamonds or cutters to accompany the task. A dust free environment is important before resurfacing to have as smooth and clean a surfaces as possible and the diamond grinder does this job.

While many companies claim they can do the job, the question is whether they have the resources to undertake it and most importantly can they do the job within the time frame specified and to your satisfaction. Complete Resurfacing Solutions always aims to keep our customers satisfied


Where you require a low friction surface to prevent accidents an economical choice is shotblasting. We are able to create a slip resistant surface to pavers and concrete which ultimately saves the cost of taking up the pavement and replacing it.

Shotblasting provides an even uniform etch similar to 60 Grit sand paper which provides the perfect slip resistant surface. The surface can be sealed to prevent stain absorption.

Shotblasting can be applied to: Brick Pavement; Clay Pavers; Loading Docks; Carparks; Factories; Walkways.

Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete has become a fashionable addition to the flooring market, with many showroom and retail outlets seeing the benefits of a surface being visually attractive, quick to complete and dust free. It is also easy to maintain and durable.

Polished concrete is ideal for industrial, domestic and commercial flooring applications. A variety of finishes are available to complement the desired look and/or the type of use the flooring is going to be exposed too.

Polished concrete has many advantages. It can be used internally as well as externally which makes this product a versatile floor finish. It has a low m2 cost for the life of flooring when maintenance, insulation, cooling and/or heating systems are implemented. It is easy to repair if damaged, very hygienic, environmentally friendly and a long lasting value floor.


CRS uses a dust-free scarification process utilising steel and carbide cutters for the removal of:

  • Failed or delaminated floors
  • Concrete reduction
  • Floor leveling
  • Road Line Removal
  • Texturing of concrete
  • Thick coating removal

The type and thickness of material to remove will determine the profile upon completion. We utilise a variety of cutters and spacers to minimize the measurable amount of concrete removal.

Pressure Cleaning

Complete Resurfacing Solutions use a 3500 PSI pressure cleaner with a turbo head for all its pressure cleaning. This machine is powerful and safe to

Tile Removal

CRS will remove your tiles in all areas including bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and outdoor areas. Make no mistake, this is a dirty and dusty job and we are well prepared for. We use industrial dust extraction where possible, removing all rubble from the site and completing a full and thorough clean up – sweep, vacuum and dust.

CRS are experts is Kitchen and Bathroom Stripouts. We will leave your room clean and ready for the next trade.

If you are remodeling your home, if re-tiling because of water leaks, outdated tiles, cracked tiles, changing surfaces or demolition call us to give you a quote and relieve you of this unpleasant and back breaking task. We generally will complete the job in a day for average areas. We will remove glue and grout and leave a smooth surface behind ready for resurfacing.

7 reasons why you should give CRS a call…

  • No mess – You won’t have the hassle of having to dispose of your old tiles. We take away your old broken tiles and leave your property clean and tidy.
  • Dust control – We have invested in ultra powerful commercial grade dust controlled vacuum systems that are specially designed to contain even the smallest particles of concrete dust.
  • Saves you time – Attempting to remove tiles yourself can be a very slow and tedious process. It could take you many days to remove your tiles. CRS completes most jobs in the same day. Which means you can move on to your new project a lot faster.
  • Saves you money – People who attempt to remove tiles themselves will go to the expense of hiring equipment. They then spend a couple of days toiling away and then discover that they haven’t done the job properly. CRS gets the job done properly the first time… saving you time and money.
  • Saves you from risk of injury – Why take the risk of personal injury from using tools that you are not familiar with? Let CRS do the job for you and save you a trip to the emergency department of your local hospital.
  • Quick and easy for you – Sit back and relax while CRS does all the hard work for you.
  • Quality assurance guarantee – For your peace of mind CRS gives you a 100% quality workmanship guarantee.